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TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod interviews Connie Bloem on the future of finance

Connie Bloem, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mesh was recently interviewed by Duncan Mcleod for the TechCentral Show. Mcleod is one of the most experienced writers and podcasters in both tech and finance and the discussion between him and Bloem was both broad and deep, ranging widely over the many threads touched by what is, for some, a bewildering new revolution in finance – that of tokenisation of capital markets.

The discussion ranged from Bloem’s background to the differences between traditional finance, alternative finance, and decentralised finance, to the importance of Trust in any transaction-of-value, to the inner workings of blockchain and the magic of tokenisation.

The conversation also covered Mesh’s capital-raising journey, their recently acquired private equity investment and explored the banking industry’s responses to what has clearly become both a threat and opportunity to anyone involved with capital markets, particularly in the burgeoning world of private capital.

The TechCentral Show did not skimp on time, Mcleod spent nearly an hour probing all matters relating to Mesh, resulting in a fascinating exploration of finance, tech, banking, regulation, history, anthropology, psychology, and the future.

Bloem commented. “Duncan Mcleod is one of smartest interviewers in the finance and tech space. He did not disappoint, and it was both fun and fulfilling to be able to fully engage in what turned out to be a 360-degree view of our company, our sector, and our mission to create open capital markets, so we can help build the future of finance.”

To read more about Bloem’s vision for the future of finance, click here:

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