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The Mesh Platform:
Your Gateway to Tokenised Assets

A digital ecosystem for direct access to capital raising and investing.

Mesh was founded to make the financial and capital markets more accessible to all. 

It is complicated and complex for non-technical users to interact with the blockchain directly, so Mesh has built an institution-grade, financial markets platform application layer with an optimal user experience, for interacting with a Layer 1 blockchain’s protocol, asset and settlement layers, bringing the power of distributed ledger technology to both enterprises and individual users. 

Mesh is fully blockchain agnostic and can execute its solution on any advanced Blockchain. It’s first implementation was built on the Stellar blockchain.

Mesh has built a beautiful, modern user-interface on top of its institution-grade financial markets infrastructure platform, giving all market participants, from institutions to individuals, direct access to capital raising and investing.

With Mesh, Issuers can tokenise and trade any asset class on Mesh’s decentralised marketplace, or they can license a unique, co-branded ecosystem space, to digitally distribute their own assets to their own customers. Issuers can expand this co-branded marketplace to offer their customers a curated selection of any of the other assets issued on Mesh.

Mesh offers Investors a secure, low-cost and lightning fast way to trade a wide variety of financial assets. Investors are fully in control, with their keys fully secured, so their assets cannot be accessed by anyone else. 

No middle-men, brokers or intermediaries are required to trade on Mesh. As an Investor, you can build a portfolio of shares, funds, unit trusts, bonds, stablecoins and digital financial assets, and you can manage them yourself, all in one place.

Mesh has compressed and streamlined the complex, time consuming and expensive processes of the traditional capital markets, into an elegant flow.

Join the Mesh Movement today and be a part of the future of investing

Mesh. Open capital markets