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Mesh is building a multi-sided, end-to-end, cross-asset platform designed to fundamentally disrupt the way global Financial and Capital Markets operate and are accessed.

Mesh is forging a new kind of global marketplace:

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Next Generation Financial and Capital Markets?
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Mesh will deliver value to participants on multiple sides of the market:

Issuers of assets, Investors in those assets, and the Agents and Arrangers who offer their services and expertise to market participants on both sides.

Mesh will give registered users the tools to Build, Issue, ConnectTrade, Own and Manage tokenised digital assets over their full Lifecycle.­­­­­

Mesh has compressed and optimised current market infrastructure, removed barriers to entry, eliminated complex processes and slashed fees.

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Mesh is more than a disruption.
It’s a Movement.

Combining decades of deep institutional markets experience and expertise, with leading edge Blockchain 3.0 and DeFi 2.0 technology, Mesh is forging is a Responsible Revolution – one that will transform Financial and Capital Markets forever.

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Partners you can trust. Driving our environment

Mesh’s software partners are respected market leaders, giving the platform and its customers the secure, stable and trusted technological backbone that a disruptive market player needs.

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