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Pricing on: 2024/07/19 09:00 AM

Mesh. Open capital markets

Mesh makes it easy, efficient and affordable for investors and issuers to access capital markets across the entire investable universe of asset classes and opportunities.

Mesh puts you in control:

Mesh was created to provide direct access to capital raising and investing for all market participants, from institutions, to companies, communities and individuals.

Mesh’s unique, multi-sided platform has fundamentally revolutionised the way in which financial and capital markets operate, allowing investors and issuers to trade directly with one another. You trade through Mesh, not with Mesh, dramatically reducing third-party risk.

Mesh believes that financial markets must be easy to access, simple to use, and transparent, so it has removed the market’s traditional barriers to entry, eliminated its complex processes and slashed fees. 

Welcome to the future of investing.
Everyone is invited!

Mesh is designed to give market participants direct access to tools that allow them to Create, Issue, Trade, Own and Lifecycle Manage all classes of tokenised financial assets.

Mesh Vault provides institution-grade security

Discover, trade, own and manage your assets, your yield, your data and your investment portfolio, all cryptographically secured through the Mesh Vault.

Run your own Marketplace with Ecosystem Spaces

A co-branded, cross-asset trading platform and digital distribution channel for Financial Institutions, Asset Managers, Corporates and Communities.


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Mesh. Open capital markets