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The Mesh Platform

Mesh has created a digital ecosystem where its users can tokenise and trade any asset class, across any geography.

Mesh uses modern, end-to-end market infrastructure, with trusted Cryptographic verification for all steps in the process and has built a platform business that is years ahead of any player in the global financial and capital markets. 

Mesh is best categorised as a DeFi 2.0 solution, with a specific focus on global financial and capital markets.

Mesh uses the latest iterations of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), commonly referred to as Blockchain 3.0, with an initial implementation on Stellar, an open-source partner of Mesh.

Mesh is fully blockchain agnostic and can execute its solution on any advanced Blockchain.

In addition, and as a unique differentiator, Mesh has overlaid its Mesh Oracle on top of the Stellar Blockchain.

The Mesh Oracle is a complete cross-asset capital markets Trade and Treasury system with Front, Middle and Back-office functionality, and an enterprise-grade calculation engine, giving Mesh users complete asset coverage (including derivatives), and full control over pricing, risk, corporate actions, and all lifecycle events for any asset issued on Mesh.

Welcome to the future of investing.
Welcome to Mesh.