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Mesh Oracle

Advanced calculation capabilities for tokenised digital assets

The Mesh Oracle Calculation Engine is a revolutionary innovation in the financial markets. 

It is a comprehensive Capital Markets financial and risk calculation engine that gives all Mesh users access to sophisticated calculation capabilities, typically only available  in complex Treasury and Trade systems. 

This feature is paired with smart contracts that give you complete control over the lifecycle events for the assets you issue through Mesh.

The Mesh Oracle offers a wide range of capabilities that enable the servicing, trading, calculation, and settlement of all lifecycle events across a full suite of financial assets. 

It provides issuers and arrangers with the necessary tools to create, structure, price, and manage any tokenised digital assets that they issue and trade through Mesh.

With the Mesh Oracle Calculation Engine, you can achieve a high level of automation and efficiency in the management of your digital assets. It allows you to reduce operational costs, streamline processes, and improve the overall quality of your asset management.

Join the Mesh community and experience the benefits of the Mesh Oracle, a powerful and innovative calculation engine that transforms the way your financial assets are managed and traded.

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