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All signs point to the emancipation of capital markets

Co-founder and Managing Director of, Connie Bloem says the time for the emancipation of capital markets and ushering in the future of investing has arrived.

With many large players and multiple fragmented offerings all adding to the cost of participation, financial and capital markets today are layered, complex to navigate, expensive to join and can only be accessed through an exclusive group of market gatekeepers.

“This needs to change” says Bloem, “ethically and transparently. We are starting to directly connect issuers and investors in the Alternative Finance (AltFi) sector, making capital raising and investing more accessible, simpler and more transparent.”

“AltFi is a massively under-serviced sector of the capital markets and we are seeing that our ability to tokenise and distribute debt instruments such as corporate bonds, has the potential to emancipate private capital in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

To read more about Bloem’s vision for the future of finance and emancipation of capital markets, visit:

Mesh. Open capital markets