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A woman in the lion’s den of blockchain and finance

Blockchain was introduced to the wider world in 2008 as the cryptographically secure technology underpinning Bitcoin, and of course blockchain innovation as it intersects with the heady world of finance, had been quietly burbling away for decades, as an almost exclusively male domain.

Strong, experienced, and impactful leaders have entered the financial technology realm to make it more trustworthy – many of them are women, leading product and software development teams or occupying the C-suites, all of them in the cauldron of innovation swirling around blockchain and finance.’s MD, Connie Bloem is one of the new generation of women building the future of finance. is a pioneering platform at the intersection of traditional finance and the blockchain, the fastest growing and most important sector in the world of finance today. Mesh focuses on making financial markets accessible to all, easier to use and more transparent through the tokenisation of real-world assets on the blockchain. Unknown in 2020, this sector will (according to BCG) exceed $16 trillion by 2030. That’s 10% of global GDP.

Bloem saw this before most, turning her back on a successful traditional banking technology career, to start in 2019. To read more about her journey and her vision for, read more here:

Mesh. Open capital markets