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Trading and Settlement Rules

Please refer to the Mesh Platform as a Service Agreement for more information regarding our services and terms of use. This page is intended for information purposes only.

Trade on Mesh takes the form of stablecoin-to-token trading, i.e. where stablecoin is exchanged for a financial instrument in token form, between two verified customers on the Mesh platform. This is done through the creation and acceptance of orders.

Market Makers

The market makers on the Mesh Marketplace are the issuers of Financial Instruments. They are required to maintain bid and offer prices for all financial instruments placed on the Marketplace and fulfil orders received from their own holdings.


Currently Mesh offers customers the ability to trade via market orders. A market order is executed at the next available price and fills the full size based on what the current market price is.

Upon sending an order creation instruction, the customer account will immediately be updated to reflect the Open Orders, and the Orders will be sent to the relevant counter-party for confirmation.

Mesh trade limits

All market makers may specify minimums and maximum allowable amounts. If Mesh defaults are not overwritten the following will apply:


Mesh provides services related to delivery versus payment settlement services on all confirmed orders.

When a customer uses Mesh services to perform stablecoin-to-token trading, they create an order, the order must be confirmed and recorded in the public ledger associated with the tokens in order to facilitate settlement.

Mesh. Open capital markets