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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: How we’re redefining access to capital

At Mesh we believe that Capital Markets should be open to anybody who wants to invest, and that access to capital should be available to every company that has an attractive proposition for investors. The traditional system no longer supports this – not for everybody, and not in a transparent, affordable way. Mesh’s mission is to open capital markets by making them easy to access, simple to use and transparent.

Capital markets today are onerous, slow to react and expensive, and are no longer servicing the capital needs of modern businesses. This means limited opportunities, leaving issuers frustrated that they can’t reach a broader pool of investors, and investors frustrated that they can’t find attractive assets.

The capital markets system has, by and large, failed to keep pace with the rapid advances in digital technology. In a deeply digitised world, the old system just doesn’t work the way it should.

Mesh’s blockchain-based, digital capital markets platform solves this. We open capital markets, making them easy to access, simple to use and transparent.

Using tech to solve human problems has taken the very best elements of the traditional financial markets, and elegantly compressed and re-engineered them into an end-to-end, multi-sided digital ecosystem that powers the future of capital markets. 

While the Mesh ecosystem is underpinned by  the latest technology, the problems we solve are deeply human: 

  • Issuers need a larger investor pool for their assets. 
  • Investors need a wider range of attractive investment options. 
  • Both need to reduce their reliance on expensive intermediaries. 

Mesh connects investors directly to the issuers of smart assets, enabling them to invest in a range of private capital assets that they have never had access to before. And very importantly, Mesh never takes custody of a customer’s assets; these live in the customers’ own highly secure Blockchain accounts and are traded nearly instantaneously on the primary and secondary marketplaces. 

We call this Finance 3.0. 

Finance 3.0 represents a shift towards a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient financial system, underpinned by tools and channels that make the issuance, trade, and lifecycle management of financial assets more accessible, more transparent, and more secure

In working towards this vision for the future of capital markets, integrates leading-edge technology with a deep understanding of traditional finance and a comprehensive, yet streamlined, approach to regulatory and legal compliance. The result? A fair, efficient, accessible platform for creating and trading smart financial assets.

Crucially, Mesh has taken the old, slow, bloated, and disjointed capital markets processes and compressed and refined them into a single, elegant flow. We do this using an innovative combination of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with sophisticated trading technology and calculation engines, offering all market participants immutable, undiluted, and transparent asset ownership and trade.

How Mesh enables access

Mesh is an easy platform to understand and use. 

Providing investors access to investment opportunities that were previously out of their reach, including asset classes and instruments that have traditionally been the exclusive domain of niche institutional investors.

We’ve done away with the need for layer upon layer of expensive intermediaries and inefficient emails, replacing them with a direct, streamlined and smart distribution channel that makes it easier for issuers to raise capital from a wider pool of investors.

Markets should be open to anybody who wants to invest, and capital should be available to every issuer who has an attractive proposition that they want to take to market. The old system doesn’t support that – not for everybody, and not in a transparent, affordable way.

We do. We have built a new and better capital markets system for all market participants.. 

This is Finance 3.0. This is the future of capital markets.

Mesh. Open capital markets