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Interview: Connie Bloem, Mesh Co-Founder & Executive Head

It was not long ago that bankers and traders were turning up their noses at fintech and the phrase, “Normal people should not be trading,” was common in the City of London and other financial markets. That was until several players like Robinhood joined the party and technology democratised investing. 

Several new players have popped up to open up trading to retail investors and in South Africa, Netherlands-based fintech, is launching a decentralised financial markets platform that is promising speed and lower costs. 

Heading Mesh, which took three years to build, is Connie Bloem. Bloem, who has a background in industrial and financial engineering told BizNews that retail investors wanted more visibility, flexibility, and control over their entire investment portfolio, just as the institutional investors have at their multi-screen trading desks. 

What Mesh offers is an end-to-end Financial Markets platform, built with bank-grade security on top of Blockchain technology, that will create huge time and cost efficiencies, substantially improve the markets and make them more accessible to all. 

– Linda van Tilburg

Listen to the interview with Connie Bloem on BizNews:

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