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First tokenised bond in Africa

Die MOS 10Y Prime +2% Floating Rate Bond​

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Die MOS Inisiatief and are proud to present the first tokenised Bond in Africa - Die MOS 10Y Prime+2% Floating Rate Bond.

The bond was issued by Die MOS Inisiatief’s wholly owned subsidiary, MOS Uitreiker on digital capital markets platform 

With this 10Y Prime+2% Floating Rate Bond, Die MOS aims to raise ZAR 100 million to expand its network of private schools.

Over a 10-year term it will pay a quarterly coupon of Prime+2%, or 13.75% as calculated in February 2024. This rate of return outperforms the current average return on most other asset classes in the market.

Die MOS’s bond issuance is fully underwritten and guaranteed by the Trust vir Afrikaanse Kuns Kultuur en Erfenis, part of The Dagbreek Trust family.While the Bond is an investment in the future of education, for Mesh it also represents a major historical first that we are very proud of. It is the first tokenised Bond ever to be issued in Africa, one of a handful to have been issued anywhere in the world.

A tokenised Bond is the same as a traditional Bond, except that it is traded in the form of digital tokens that are issued natively on the blockchain.

At Mesh we call this a “Smart Asset“, a unique digital asset, issued, traded and lifecycle managed, end-to-end, within the Mesh ecosystem. One of the benefits of this new form of Smart Asset, is that it trades in smaller contract sizes than traditional Bonds do, making it more accessible and affordable to a broader range of investors.

The issuance of this Bond on the blockchain through our multi-sided capital markets platform also gives it increased security, direct ownership and expanded liquidity. Tokenised assets in the form of equity and debt instruments are a rapidly growing investment offering due to the significant benefits they offer to both investors and issuers.

The Investment Case

According to research by UNESCO, mother-tongue education greatly improves learning outcomes and academic performance. Teaching a child in their home language has benefits far beyond education; it fosters a connection to their roots, preserves their cultural identity, and empowers them to navigate a diverse world with confidence and pride.

Formed in response to declining access to Afrikaans education in South Africa, Die MOS Inisiatief is a network of private schools that provide sustainable, quality, future-fit mother-tongue education in South Africa, for children aged six months to Grade 12. The group currently has eight physical schools and is looking to add at least 10 more over the 10-year Bond term.

Developments in tokenisation and the blockchain have made it possible for Die MOS Inisiatief, a private business, to issue a simple to access, risk managed and transparent Bond directly to its community of supporters via the Mesh platform, to achieve its growth objectives.

With private school education playing an increasingly important role in South Africa, education groups teaching learners in their mother-tongue present a strong investment opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in the future success of South African children. 

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